Heliosphere : Hands On Nation Release Date March 20, 2007 [17.Jan.2007]

All work is now complete on Hands On Nation, and it is now in the hands of the manufacturing plant. We are very excited to present this release worldwide. Hands On Nation marks the end of a 1 year slumber for Sector 9 Studios, and the gears are now back in action. You can look forward to a very exciting 2007. Keep your eyes here for more news, and while you are at it click the read more link to listen to audio previews of Hands On Nation.

Hands On Nation is the debut release from Heliosphere. Prepare for a journey into futuristic landscapes and dramatic dance club anthems. Combining elements from Trance to Electro Pop, with a dash of EBM and Electronic Noise. Hands On Nation is destined to stay in your player and Ignite dance floors throughout the world.

Release Date : March 2007

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Heliosphere : Hands On Nation nearing final production [30.Nov.2006]

Heliosphere are currently putting the final touches on Hands On Nation. Please keep an eye right here for a release date announcment, audio previews, and information about obtaining this excellent release.

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Negative Format digital releases now available [23.Aug.2006]
 2 Negative Format releases are now available for sale digitally.  Distant Pulses (which has been out of print for some time) and Static can now be purchased from popular digital retail services such as ITunes. These releases are also available on many other digital shops. The rest of the Negative Format back catalogue will also be available for digital purchase soon.
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Sector 9 Studios signs Heliosphere [ 5.Apr.2006]
Sector 9 Studios is proud to announce the addition of Heliosphere to the Sector 9 Studios roster. Heliosphere incorporates the best elements of Electronic Body Music, Hard Synth, and Dark electronics, to create an incredibly dynamic style that is innovative and unique to our genre. With powerful vocals and flowing, organic, compositions Heliosphere's style of hardbeat, razor sharp electronics will keep their music fresh in your heads, hearts, and players.
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New Sector 9 Studios Website [26.Mar.2006]

The Sector 9 Studios website has been redesigned, to usher in a new era in electronic music.

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