Announcing Lexsine, a new trance project from Alex Matheu. Now on Sector 9 Studios. Alex incorporates many elements in his music. Lexsine is a vision of pure trance. Exploring different elements of the genre, and using sounds in new and interesting ways. Progressive, Psy and Classic trance form a sonic trinity. Punchy kicks, growling basses, intricate rhythms are the basis for the sound of Lexsine. Comments have been made that Alex has a signature sound, a style the instantly recognizable, Lexsine carries this forward without sounding too similar to the other Matheu projects. Come explore the trance inducing hypnotic tracks from the creator of Negative Format, on Sector 9 Studios.
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Plague Sequence

Plague Sequence present dancefloor oriented music with a futuristic prose. Having been described as a unique combination of psy/full-on and progressive trance, Plague Sequence also displays a cyber-industrial influence,

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Cellmod's keen sense of formulating a balanced equation for the depths of clubs around the world comes in the form of translating mood and emotions and movements, using electronic elements in place of beakers and bunson burners. His music can vary from energetic and aggressive to mysteriously tranquil and boding. The focus is on the motion of the music, all the while still exploring sound and structure.

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From the creator of Negative Format (Alex Matheu) comes Distraub, described as IDM, with elements of Drum n Bass. Creating textured glitch music with intricate percussion, music that can change from beautiful to chaotic and back without missing a beat. From high speed tracks to downtempo ambient glitchscapes, Distraub creates a new sound that can only be described as IDM...for now.

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Negative Format

Negative Format is the musical creation of Alex Matheu. From its inception, Negative Format has pushed the boundaries of the electronic music scene. Blending his earlier Electro-EBM influences with his current interests in various styles of Techno and Trance, Alex has developed a sound that is truly his own. With an ever-growing global fan base, Negative Format has already become a staple on dance floors throughout the world.

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